Easy Meal


There is a bludgeoning demand for Home-Delivered healthy & hygienic Home-Cooked meals as millennials & the former generations alike, lookfor easy alternatives to home cooking.

Easy Meals was curated by the Bengal Caterers Club [BCC] Team to provide authentic ‘Bangla’ cuisine as ‘Meals’-in-a-box’ for this segment.


A typical Bengali meal runs its course starting from Bitter, & ending with sweets or ‘Bangla’r Misti. It normally starts with ‘Sukto’, followed by ‘Dal, Bhaja [fried veggies], Bhate [mashed veggies, ‘Tarkari / Ghanta / Dalna’, then comes the non-vegetarian dishes of egg / fish / chicken / mutton followed by the grand finale, ‘misti or misti doi’…!

The team of Easy Meals-BCC has onboard expert chefs, culinary experts, & marketing professionals united by their love for food, & an aim to provide a binge-worthy culinary experience for its customers

Easy Meals will deliver ‘meals-in-a-box’ or ‘Thali meals’, to a clientele consisting mostly of students, bachelors / bachelorettes, working men & women, & senior citizens at an affordable price.

For Caterers, the Easy Meal scheme is way of supplementing their income.
For a ‘service fee’ of ₹15 per meal, they can utilize our teams marketing skill to generate brand awareness, & secure orders. The Easy Meal-BCC team shall lend IT support and expertise of working as online aggregator.


Points to Remember:

• The Caterers are, in principle, the owners by law and definition, and bear the responsibility regarding quality and timely delivery of meals in their town/area.

• The caterers supply quality and hygienic meal booked by the customers through the Clubs website and mobile application.

• The Club is essentially an online marketing partner with the responsibility of promoting “Easy Meal” online and provide marketing push and required consulting services.


The demand for home-delivered home-style cooked food service has had an incremental uptick in the pandemic scenario as people now prefer to avoid grocery shopping thus maintaining social distancing.
With many other Covid related pressures mounting, people can make use of this facility & destress about this aspect of their day-to-day lives.
This window of opportunity is to be seized.

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