ABCD of Catering Business

BSL¡m ­k­L¡­e¡ Ae¤ù¡­e M¡Ju¡ c¡Ju¡l hÉ¡f¡l b¡L­mC LÉ¡V¡l¡­ll ­M¡yS f­s – ­p AæfË¡ne, SeÈ¢ce, BCh¤­s¡i¡a, ¢h­u, ­h±i¡a, ¢hh¡qh¡¢oÑL£ h¡ nË¡Ü¡e¤ù¡e – EfmrÉ k¡C­q¡L e¡ ­Le! h¡¢sl Ae¤ù¡e R¡s¡J, f¡s¡l ­L¡e Ae¤ù¡e q­mJ LÉ¡V¡l¡­ll q¡­a i¡l ¢c­u ph¡C ¢e¢ÕQ¿¹ b¡­Lez AbÑ¡v business Hl fËQ¥l scope B­Rz ¢L¿¹¥ hÉhp¡­u e¡j¡l B­N c¤-HL¢V ¢S¢eo ­S­e ¢e­m L¡S Ll­a

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